Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OPI y'all come back, ya hear

This was my only purchase from OPI texas. I was swayed by k2k's swatches of houston, we have a purple, into trying the sorbet formula. It does definitely remind me of sorbet - it's juicy and fresh and just sheer without being see-through. A real tangerine dream of a polish.

That said, I just didn't quite fall for it. I guess it's such a summery colour and it's been raining non-stop here, so every time I looked at my nails, they seemed to say 'it's mid-July, and you're stuck in your london office, and it's raining. This is probably all you'll see of sunshine. Sucker!'. I guess we didn't really get on.

Plus it stained really, really badly when I took it off. Two goes with the orly cutique later and they're still yellow.

Have you ever worn a nail polish that felt weirdly inappropriate for your mood?