Saturday, July 23, 2011

Polishes, get your polishes! So many polishes for sale...


I'm awaiting payment from people for all the boxes but if you want to put yourself on a waitlist (it's much longer for the small boxes than for the big ones), please feel free to email me using the link to the form above! :)

...but today, all of them are in mystery grab-boxes!

(I will have a sale for the ones that I want to sell individually -- most of which are from current collections or high-end or kinda-HTF lines -- but that will come later in the week.)

I didn't realize how many polishes would fit into a medium USPS Priority Mail flat rate box: 75! With cushioning, bubblewrap and everything. So I have for sale TWO medium flat rate boxes that have about 75 polishes each (give or take 3) as well as TWO small flat rate boxes that have 10-13 each. (, it takes a long time to pack 170+ nail polishes.)

Brands that are contained in the mystery boxes (though not all boxes contain all brands): OPI, China Glaze, Orly, SpaRitual, Essie, Cover Girl Nail Slicks, LA Colors, KleanColor, QRS, Nubar, Duri, Diamond, Eyeko, Zoya, Misa, Maybelline Colorama, Color Club, Anna Sui, Wet n Wild, Tony & Tina, Milani, LA Girl, Hard Candy, No Miss, Sally Hansen, Nicole, Maybelline, Barielle, NYC, Kanebo, Revlon Street Wear and MORE! A few polishes are down to 50%, about 30-40 of them are down to 70-80%, but the rest of the polishes in these boxes have only been used once or twice. ALL were purchased by me or received in a swap (i.e. none were PR samples). Most of these were purchased at etailer or retail price; some I came across in dollar stores. I tried to make sure that no boxes got all half-used nail polishes, or all drugstore polishes: there is a variety in each box. :)

All the mystery polishes were taken from the pile of nail polishes pictured below. (Oddly, I didn't get any photos of the 2 Nicole, 4 KleanColor, 2 Anna Sui and 3 Sally Hansen polishes... but they are there, I promise!) The photos have been cropped but not reduced in size so they should be clickable if you want to try to make out exactly which polishes I have listed!

Details for the two Medium Mystery Grab-Boxes:
These are going for $101 each (the price includes the $10.95 shipping fee). There are approximately 75 nail polishes in each (give or take a couple).

I do regret not putting a lower price on these but honestly, they're 75 polishes from brands that I generally bought at etailer ($3-4) or retail (up to $8) prices. The cheapest polishes were purchased for $1 (NYC, Wet n Wild, LA Colors, Cover Girl Nail Slicks) and 4 for $1 (Revlon Street Wear, Maybelline Colorama). The majority of them have only been used once. And, as I've said, I've tried to make sure there's a good variety in each box. Minus the shipping, it comes out to around $1.20 a polish. If you are looking to build your stash, this is a great way to go from a modest stash to a stash that makes your friends and family wonder why you need so many nail polishes. ;)

Details for the two Small Mystery Grab-Boxes:
These are going for $16 each (the price includes the $4.95 shipping fee). There are 10-13 polishes per box.

It is a "better" deal in terms of cost per polish BUT it's taken from the remnants after I put together the medium-size mystery grab boxes. There were plenty of OPI, China Glaze, Color Club and drugstore brands left but a lot of the less common brands had already been packed into the bigger boxes. Hence, the lower price per polish for these boxes.

If you are interested in either medium or small size mystery grab-boxes, please contact me using the form at the top of the page. I will be taking PayPal. You can opt to pay me as a "personal gift" (no fees) or if you want to pay the fees, we can do it as a regular buyer-seller transaction (which gives you the option of filing a claim against me if I don't follow through).

The medium boxes are all taped and packed up, waiting for a mailing label and a new home. The small boxes are not yet packed but can be packed in a jiffy! I hope these polishes can find some great new owners.