Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in the saddle: OPI bronzed to perfection

I've not been very enthusiastic about manicuring lately - coming to the end of my secondment, things have been crazy busy, and I've been focussed on trying to deliver the final paper I owe above anything else. My colleagues are throwing me a leaving party next week, and then it's back to the PhD. It will be so strange to return to solo working after three months in an office, and I'm sorry to say I'll really miss it. Still, it's given me things to think about as options when I finally graduate - I've long been harbouring doubts about my ability to be an academic, and the University jobs market here is completely kaput, so it's reassuring to know that I can work in a different environment (and I now have a line on my CV to prove it).

I'm also in celebration mode after finding out I got the teaching I wanted. Three classes of stats in semester one (please, please, oh timetabling Gods, let them be on the same day!) and nothing in semester two, so I can concentrate on kicking this damn t****s - I can't quite bring myself to type it - into shape. And maybe have time for some research consulting on the side.

Anyway, to celebrate having the time and inclination to do my nails, here's an old favourite my boyfriend picked. It's OPI bronzed to perfection from the South Beach collection from a couple of years back. I know it's probably intended to be worn by tanned lovelies and not Casper-types like myself, but to hell with it, I love this colour. It's a deep bronze-tan with little golden orange shimmer flecks. Applies like buttah. Goes with everything. Easy peasy.