Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Odd Case of Matching - Essie Merino Cool

Memo: This most certainly looks more purple on me than on other people, I'm sure. My whack-a-doodle skin tone is at it again!

Either way, I love Essie Merino Cool - its sleek and chic while still being warm and cozy. I love these colours so much...

In fact, I love purpletaupegreiges so much, Merino Cool is even the same colour as my Laura Mercier eyeshadow in Twilight Grey - one of my favourites for putting in my crease for an everyday look! Neat right?? Application was gorgeous - two quick and easy coats. *sigh* I have so many polishes in this colour family now, but I never get sick of them. I really hope this trend is here to stay!

Do you have a polish that oddly matches something in your wardrobe, make-up drawer, living room, etc.?? I saw a lady with an Essie Sew Psyched purse the other day and I wanted to talk to her so badly!