Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New BF!

No, I didn't get a new boyfriend - I'm very happy with mine, thank you very much!

HOWEVER I did get something that is *almost* as awesome - a new Brand Favourite! My interest in Barry M polishes was piqued when photos showed up proving that their "Dusky Mauve" was indeed an exact Paradoxal dupe. Since Chanel's chip quickly on me, I wanted to try their dupes of Paradoxal and Particuliere out and see if the wear was better...Result? I'm breaking up with Chanel! (Except for the unique colours that I have...until I find dupes of those as well!)

Barry M Dusky Mauve, with Chanel Paradoxal on middle finger:



Bottle pics!

I can't tell the difference on the nail at all - and I wore it around for a long time in different light - so to me these are dupes!! They do look a little different in the bottle - the shimmer seems more prominent in the Barry M - but I've decided that this is just because the shimmer sticks to the side of the bottle more.

Barry M Mushroom, with Chanel Particuliere on middle finger:

OK so these look SUPER different in the bottle, but on the nail not so much. A discerning eye can see that the Barry M is ever-so-slightly yellower in tone...but is it really a $20 difference? Not to me.

One way these Barry M polishes aren't dupes for the Chanels? Wear. Chanel lasts usually 24 hours on me before a massive chip. I went 5 days with both Dusky Mauve and Mushroom and saw only some tipwear. Can't wait to see what my new Brand Fav comes up with next!

Did you discover a new brand recently?? I'm thinking of trying American Apparel polishes next...


P.S. Barry M is a drugstore brand in the UK. Thanks to a fab eBay seller - beauty.cosmeticsuk - we can get them here in the US at a fairly reasonable price.