Monday, January 17, 2011

Canmake 25

Since I've gotten back from Taiwan, I've been sporting what I can only describe as "super sparkly, cutesy Asian-like" nails. I've been wanting to get into over-the-top nail art but I'm pretty incompetent at that sort of thing. Doesn't keep me from embellishing my manis occasionally though.

Canmake #25

I would've been more pissed at how sheer this turned out (the above is... four or five coats?) but it was just too sparkly and cheerful to really dislike. It would've been much better layered over another polish though because the opalescent multi-sized glitter is actually very pretty and bright. (The photos don't capture it at all...) The mani originally had three flowers but the third one fell off before I could take this photo.