Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Effects Ghoulie Girl

Sally Hansen Nail Effects Ghoulie Girl
I just loved this manicure. I find SH Nail Effects to be relatively easy to apply (and because my nails are so small and short, I can get at least 3 manis out of one pack!) and they have such a great payoff. I had this manicure on for over a week without any of the stickers coming off. I got tons of compliments on it... including one from a woman who worked at my local independent fabric store who thought it was "crackle". (She realized it was ghosts when she looked closer.) 

Close up of Ghoulie Girl

I feel so guilty for not posting as much as I did (or, umm, more than once a month?) in the last year or so. Truth is, I had kind of hit a nail polish low point in my life -- I had on so many NOTDs for awhile that I just didn't care for and nothing seemed to make me smile. But I think I'm getting back on track. I haven't been swatching all that much but I have been photographing my NOTDs and several of them have made me very happy (including this one). 

In the meanwhile, school is in full swing, both my eyes have been LASIK'ed (and OMG, I CAN SEE), and I'm currently in Seattle for a conference. If nothing goes wrong, I MAY have an article accepted for publication (really crossing my fingers!)... but I'm not sure because who knows what side the editor may come down on with that decision. I've been feeling pretty down about various things in the last few months and the approach of winter does not help. :(