Friday, November 11, 2011

Mannequin hands: OPI Sand in my Suit

I felt like a break from all the vamps. Also, truth be told, I was going into a school for a training/shadowing day, and I didn't want to stand out too much. Even despite wearing my best smart clothes, I still got mistaken for one of the students. Still, I know I'll appreciate looking like a teenager when I'm 40...Hopefully...

Anyway, this is OPI Sand in my Suit. I'm usually an NW15 in MAC (although I wear NC15 to cancel redness) and this fits my skintone pretty well. It's fully opaque in two or three coats depending on how careful you are. I'm not sold on the shimmer, though. It's a bit 'frosty granny' - you know, like the pearls that were rife in the early '90s. This last one is probably the most colour accurate - Autumn sunshine tends to make my skintone look a bit less cadaverous.

Please excuse the not-great application, by the way. My lumos topcoat turned to concrete (seriously, I've never seen anything like it) so I had to resort to a very old, almost empty bottle of seche vite. I made a bit (cough) of a mess on some nails.