Friday, August 5, 2011

So Super Good and Yummy! - OPI Hot & Spicy

Confession: I LOVE Cartman's Jennifer Lopez hand puppet character from South Park. I know all the lines and songs and I think I've seen the episodes starring the lovely Ms. Lopez 20 times. Mildly offensive, yes. I just try to take it out of that context and enjoy it for what it is - a hand puppet wearing a fur coat. This polish reminds me of her.

For those of you who have no idea what the above statement was about, please just ignore and look at the pretty polish!

OPI Hot & Spicy was from the Hong Kong collection, but I only recently acquired it. I've been kind of loving orange polish this summer. (Helloooo Essie Geranium and Meet Me At Sunset!) This is a softer orange though. Not nearly as soft as Essie Cantaloupe, but less deep and red than the others I mentioned.

On my ultra pale skin, this still comes across a little strong, but I quite like it - it's summer after all! I think where this would really be a standout is on someone with more colour to their skin. Like the lovely Piff. (Do you have this one Piffy?) The formula was also excellent, like all of the other Hong Kong polishes I own, so I expected nothing less.

I know orange is trendy right now and I'm in no way original, but have you been wearing orange this summer as well? If not, what would you say is your signature summer colour?