Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Addendum - More Essie Fall 2011

Here's the additional polish pics from Essie's fall collection that I promised! I ended up picking up two more from the collection - Glamour Purse and Case Study. Et voila!

Glamour Purse

A couple years too late, but I don't care. THE perfect taupe. PERFECT. Probably super close to Chanel Particuliere - I don't have that anymore, but I have Barry M Mushroom and this has a titch more grey to it. Again, my perfect perfect taupe. I am going to hunt down a back-up. Oh and it wore like a champ!

Case Study

For the last couple of years, taupes and neutrals with a hint of purple (like Glamour Purse...ahh it really was born too late...) were all the rage. But now we are seeing rash of camouflage-style green-tinted neutrals come on the market. I'm liking the trend! And I'm liking this polish - it looks much more flattering on me in person than this picture shows. Many, many, many of you have already pointed out that I was wrong about this being a Milky Way dupe. (So many. All over the internet.) I get it. I was wrong, this is much more green. Remind me never to speculate again...

The only polish I haven't picked up from this collection is Very Structured. If you've tried that one or even seen it, let me know what you think!


P.S. I ended up parting with Lady Like, for those that were curious!