Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trying pink: OPI conquistadorable color

I have a confession to make: I don't own pink nail polishes. I have enough greens to build a pile the size of a small car, but about two pinks, and they are of the 'not quite' pink variety. Perhaps it's my natural tomboy-ishness, perhaps it's the fact that as a blonde, 'ample' researcher I'm already conscious of trying not to draw too much attention to the fact that I am female. But I am trying to branch out, and to that end, it is my mission over summer to buy and wear more pinks. I need no encouragement for the first part, but the second may prove tricky.
First up is this one: OPI conquistadorable pink, from the EspaƱa collection. God, this is gorgeous. Two coats - although one would have probably sufficed if I was less cack-handed - and no topcoat required for a super shiny finish. The colour is a deep red/berryish pink (it's a perfect match for Illamasqua 'Drench' lipstick, shown above, which pleases me). My boyfriend swears it's a red, but to me it definitely looks pink (and probably a bit more fuchsia than this picture suggests). But regardless, it's a perfect pop of colour for summer.

This manicure may look a bit grotty: it's been on a week. A week during which I started a new job (seconded to a 'real world' research team for three months as a sanity break from the PhD) and have been typing non-stop. I was also without access to a camera during that time, hence the late and rather dark picture, for which I apologise. But I'm really impressed that there's only a bit of tip wear after all that time. So, thumbs up! This is definitely in the 'keep' pile.