Thursday, May 12, 2011

Misa Genie in This Bottle and Fountain of Youth (Wishes, Spring 2011): a series of unfortunate manicures..

So... the week where I wore these two NOTDs, I was teaching myself how to crochet. And I kept overestimating the speed of my quick-dry topcoat. ...and then I wore the NOTDs for a couple of days anyway because I didn't have the will to change my polish.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Misa Wishes collection (which Misa sent to me to review). I thought I wouldn't be into the delicate, just-on-the-right-side-of-sheer, pale shimmers that populate this collection. But they're surprisingly interesting. Every one of them is made out of a mix of different color shimmers, with one major color that dominates. But the other shimmer colors show up very well, especially in the sun.

These were good TA colors. And by that, I mean, "fun without being loud" because I have to point to a lot of things in statistics.

Misa Fountain of Youth

Celadon green with, I think, brighter teal (?) and gold shimmer intermixed. Super shimmery. Some lights, it appears more green, sometimes a bit more gold, and sometimes even a bit blue. Five coats. Otherwise, there's major VNL. And even with five coats, there's still a hint of VNL. But who cares when it twinkles so prettily? This was actually very bright and noticeable, even though it's a soft color.

Misa Genie in This Bottle

WHY am I even posting these photos? It's embarrassing. Dents everywhere. Horrific. This was one of the more surprising polishes, I think: it's a lilac shimmer that's full of pink and purple shimmer. I was very iffy about this color in the bottle: it's got sort of a pearly grey going on, which seemed to desaturate the lilac. (I think the thought I had when I saw it was, "What a half-assed shade.") But, like Fountain of Youth, it changes depending on the light: sometimes appearing more of a blue-toned pink and other times, more purple. This polish had the odd (and awesome) quality where the contrasting color shimmer seemed to float just imperceptibly above the actual color. I don't know how else to describe it. Five coats. Many dents.