Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Start - Essie Over the Top

I first bought this over a year ago when Chanel released a bunch of dark polishes with shimmer for Fashion's Night Out 2010. This one reminded me of Chanel Steel in the bottle, so instead of splurging the price of 'ridiculous + ridiculous shipping', I opted for this.

Then, it sat in my collection. Waiting, longing to be worn. And when I finally did...let's just say I owe it an apology.

Essie Over the Top is a charcoal with pearlescent, but never brushstroke-y, multi-coloured shimmer that just GLOWS. I've seen reds that do this, but never something this dark. This is just flat out gorgeous and I can't believe there isn't more hype surrounding it!

I'm sorry Essie Over the Top - you are my new winter staple. I definitely regret not pulling you out last year. Shame on me.